Our Story

Life is a carnival

jim-molnar Jim Molnar’s life is the story love for food and people. Jim was born on the city’s South Side in 1940. He worked as a boy at Idora Park making candied apples and French-fries.

In 1968 Jim opened his first concession stand. Since then, Molnar’s Concessions has brought sweet joy to fair-goers with an appetite for cinnamon rolls, funnel cakes, fried Oreos, steak, sausage, pulled pork, french-fries and lemonade.

Today, Molnar’s continues as a family run business. From starting with just a single fried foods stand, Molnar’s now operates 12 stands with more than 50 employees.

Working with Jim is his daughter Faith McGee as his on road manager, his partner Char DelBone, daughter Terry Alberter, his son Jonathan Molnar as well as his grandchildren, nieces & nephews.

With there support and numerous employees they will travel to over 30 different events around the nation helping grow the company into what it is today.